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Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game

Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game

2.223 by Royal Ark
(0 Reviews) September 30, 2023
Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game

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September 30, 2023
Royal Ark
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More About Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game

Experience the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse in the king of online survival games, Dawn of Zombies: Survival. This online multiplayer game unfolds in the Last Territories, which have mysteriously survived the Conflagration. In this survival adventure, you'll be battling hunger, cultists, zombies, diseases, radiation, nuclear aberrations, and bandits from across the wasteland. Will you, a born survivor, succeed against the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world? Establish your state of survival and show the apocalypse who's boss.
Jump into our survival game:
— Acquaint yourself with the rules of survival and master survival craft both above ground and below.
— Excel in life after the apocalypse: sate your hunger, quench your thirst, and recover from radiation and diseases.
— Delve into a captivating action adventure survival story, with dozens of characters and hundreds of immersive quests.
— Experience the realistic graphics that truly bring this survival simulator game to life.
— 50+ artifacts from aberrated areas to help you get through the long dark of night.
— Wilderness, forests, military zones, and scientific bases, full of zombies, bandits, and fearsome beasts.
— Trade and communicate with various factions in the post-apocalypse, from stalkers wandering the Territories to Institute scientists.
— 40+ allies to help you in your fight against the unstoppable zombie hordes, including your faithful companion, River the dog, who was otherwise left to survive by himself. Build relationships with these characters to get unique rewards.
— Learn more than 100 Combat, Resource, or Survival skills. This ain't one of your typical zombie games!
— Craft to survive with 150+ blueprints for weapons, armor, vehicles, and shelter buildings for your base.
— 100+ types of weapons, including elemental weapons that deal fire, cold, acid, or electric damage. Shooting zombies is super fun now!
— Stealth mode: sneak up to zombies, hide in bushes, and silently dispatch your enemies. Use your smarts to survive the day, before heading back for more.
— Multiplayer: kill zombies and survive with your friends in online co-op mode.
— Dozens of different decorations and NPC assistants for your shelters and bases.
— Repair weapons and armor to withstand the zombie apocalypse.
— Travel using vehicles, from a humble bike to a souped-up off-roader. It will be days before they catch up to you!
— Special events: protect other survivors from bandits and attack cultist camps. Zombie survival games aren't just all "braaains!"
— Varied challenges: search airdrops, study aberrations, and find caches full of swag.
— Boss raids in radioactive bunkers and dungeons.
— Golden Status granting free gear, additional inventory functionality, gold, and skill point bonuses.

Coming soon:
— More of the features you want in online multiplayer games, such as…
— Large settlements where you can talk to other players.
— Clan bases, to develop and explore aberrated areas with your friends in an online survival mode.
— MMO boss raids and clan zombie hunts.
— Co-op PvE quests.

Humanity has fallen; the dead have risen. Dark games are afoot. You are a survivor, a stalker, wandering the Wastelands. Your task is to explore these lands, where man is more to be feared than beast, and a can of meat or a pair of worn-out boots is reason enough for murder. Your friend Sherp, an expert on nuclear aberrations, has gone missing in the Last Territories. It's down to you to find out what happened to him and uncover the true cause of the apocalypse. If you're lucky enough to survive in the days after, that is...
And remember: however long and dark the night, the light of dawn will always come.

News and contests:

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dawnofzombies
Telegram: https://t.me/dawnofzombies
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawnofzombies
Twitter: https://twitter.com/doz_survival
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doz_survival/
Tech support: [email protected]

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